Customized Safety Whistle for Emergency Survival Pack

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Emergency Whistle

Deter crime and find lost victims with a specially designed emergency whistle from Whistle For LIFE, LLC. These whistles offer a good chance for survival during disasters or life-threatening situations.

Promotional Whistles

Our safety whistles are also useful as promotional items for companies and organizations. We can design and manufacture promotional whistles according to your specifications and in bulk orders.

Whistle Saves Man's Life!

Our whistle is shown on the March 2015 cover of Outdoor Life magazine!

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What a Whistle!

Who We Are

Whistle For LIFE, LLC in Bend, Oregon, provides you with the most important tool that you can add to your survival pack and use in a life and death situation. We sell a brand of safety whistle designed and tested by search and rescue professionals. With more than 55 years of experience in the field, we take pride in being the only whistle brand used by U.S. lifeguards. We are also the only licensed Smokey Bear whistle in the world.

Contact us in Bend, Oregon, to learn more about our crime-deterrent safety whistle.