Industry-Recognized Emergency Whistle

Whistle For LIFE, LLC in Bend, Oregon, recommends carrying an emergency whistle in the event of a disaster in which you need to be rescued. Earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, and fires create situations wherein you can quickly become trapped inside a building and unable to escape. Blowing our safety whistle allows you to be heard and found.

Crime Prevention and Campus Safety

One of the safest forms of personal protection is a loud whistle. Unlike other defense tools, a whistle can't be turned against you. Additionally, people have been conditioned to know that the sound from a whistle is a call for action and it instantly gets their attention. The 120-decibel blast from our whistle lets people know you need help and deters criminals from carrying out their assault.

Campus safety programs benefit greatly from this inexpensive and reliable whistle. With proper education, children and young adults can be taught to be responsible owners of safety whistles and use it for help when lost or under the threat of abduction to themselves or their friends around them. Groups that benefit from our product includes:

• American Red Cross
• Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts
• Army, Navy, and Marines
• Army Core of Engineers
• Hospitals, Universities, and Colleges
• Veterans Administration and Medical Reserve Corps
• Ski Resorts and National Parks
• Coast Guard, and Sheriff and Police Departments
• National Search and Rescue and Fire Departments

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