If you can be heard, you can be rescued
Whistles for LIFE’s tri-power safety whistle is designed to give you the best chance for survival in a disaster or life-threatening situation. If you are lost or stranded in the wilderness, your ability to signal for help is the number one factor in being rescued. When you are injured, cold, or tired, it can be difficult or impossible to yell for help.

Our tri-power whistles are an easy and effective way to identify yourself as being in need of rescue and being found. If you can breathe, you can blow this whistle. Equipped with a textured waffle grip, our whistles are easy to hold on to even with wet, cold, or gloved hands.

Blowing a whistle 3 times is an internationally recognized distress signal.

Disaster preparedness

Be prepared when disaster strikes
Earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, and fires quickly thrust people into situations where they are trapped, stuck, or injured and are in need of rescue. In emergency situations, people trapped in buildings or behind debris can often go unnoticed by search and rescue personnel, and suffocating dust or smoke can limit your ability to call for help. Using a whistle helps first responders recognize that you need help and leads them to your location. Our whistles emit sound frequencies of up to 120 decibels, which will get you heard over the noise of emergency vehicle sirens.

Many companies and communities are acknowledging the need for disaster preparedness. Taping a whistle under your desk or carrying a whistle on your keychain ensures that you always have a signaling device nearby. Our whistles can be customized for your disaster prevention program with phone numbers, web addresses, and more.

Crime prevention/campus safety

A reliable crime-deterring tool at your fingertips
Walking alone on the streets or your school campus can feel scary, especially at night. Sound is the number one deterrent of criminal activity, making a loud whistle one of the safest forms of personal protection. Unlike other defense tools, a whistle can't be turned against you.

The staccato, omnidirectional blast from our whistle lets people know that you need help and deters criminals from carrying out their assault. People have been conditioned to know that the sound from a whistle is a call for action and it instantly draws their attention.

Campus safety programs benefit greatly from this inexpensive and reliable whistle. With proper education, children and young adults can be taught to be responsible owners of safety whistles and use it for help when they are lost or feel threatened.


Leave a lasting impression
Available in a variety of colors and customizable with your company logo, Whistles for LIFE’s tri-power whistles are the perfect promotional product for your brand or safety program.

Unlike cheap promotional items, our custom safety whistle will create a lasting impression of your brand for years to come. Made from the highest quality ABS plastic, this whistle is extremely durable and functional even after a lifetime of repeated usage. Our dome labels are made with UV-resistant self-healing resin, which will preserve and protect your logo from fading over time.

This valuable emergency tool is typically placed in easily accessible locations such as backpacks, keychains, and jackets, which allows for frequent and continual exposure of your brand. But more importantly, this whistle provides recipients with a reliable safety device that will save lives.

Workplace safety

Keeping employees safe
Our safety whistle is a simple, inexpensive, and durable tool that will increase the safety of your organization. In any work environment, it’s important to have a strong safety structure in place to keep your employees safe in the event of an accident. Many workplaces, including construction sites, mine shafts, oil rigs, chemical labs, and more, contain situations in which employees need to be alerted to the hazardous conditions that develop around them or in another area.

On today’s worksite, there is a spectrum of sounds present at all times and focused workers may not always be paying attention to their surroundings. Therefore, it’s vital to have a signaling device that can cut through all of that noise to alert people that an emergency situation is taking place. Emergency signaling devices will also allow employees who become injured while working alone or hidden from sight to notify others that they are in need of help.